Being a Help Desk Analyst at EarthLink Corp for 90 days!

Being a Help Desk Analyst at EarthLink Corp for 90 days!

• Communicate with M&T Bank employees and contractors to diagnose any new or arising technical issues and answer any technical questions that they might have.

• Maintain and manage all of the M&T Bank information systems including: laptop, desktop, and virtual PC’s.

• Assisted with the Windows 7 migration and answered many questions about the Windows 7 platform that the end user might have.

Example – How do you do a print screen on Windows 7 I use to just hit a button on Windows XP. I want to print screen shots!

Answer: Go into start menu and type snip, you will see the highlighted Snipping Tool – Then educated the user on how to use the Snipping Tool…

• Supported and Maintained the M&T Bank LAN / WAN networks. Trouble shot any network infrastructure issues that occurred including:

1. Used Active Directory & Citrix to assist the employees with LAN lockouts/resets.

2. Mapped shared and private network drives for M&T Bank contractors and employees.

3. Managed Novell software for users on much older platforms such as Windows XP per LAN lockouts/resets.

4. Mapped network drives, wireless printers, & Novell printers.

5. Supported Technical issues for M&T Bank branch systems including branch servers and end user PC’s.

• PC Help Desk Analyst – Providing technical support to all M&T contractors and employees alike supporting all M&T information systems on all platforms. Daily Job responsibilities included:

1. Remote into end users’ desktop, laptop, or Virtual PC and Analyze the technical problem identifying the technical issue and provide either a resolution or make a service ticket to be escalated so that the problem can be resolved.

2. Assist M&T Employees with their RSA (Hard & Soft) Tokens, internet browser trouble shooting, help users establish a VPN tunnels to the M&T LAN,

3. Configure MS Programs such as OneNote, Outlook for shared emails, shared folders, and shared calendars.

4. Assist users with their Citrix Desktops via Active Directory lockouts/password resets & remote password changes.

5. Assisted end users with Virtual PC problems, sometimes had to reboot VPC for user if the session timed out. Sometimes the connections would get hung due to user leaving an open connection at the house and then user tries to log into thin client at the M&T Bank branch.

6. Answered any technological question that they user might have and create a ticket within share point once problem was resolved I would close my ticket. In some cases I would have to assign it to a different department so that another department could diagnose the technical issue
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